Fortigate firewallamızla office 365 te olan hesabımızı kullanarak mail atma ayarları

konuyla ilgili Fortinetin makalesi

This is an example of the configuration in FortiGate:

Configure gmail account in the FortiGate.

#config system email-server
set server “”
set port 587
set authenticate enable
set username “test”
set password SGKSDHFK
set security starttls

Configure the destination to the email alert.

#config alertemail setting
set username “”
set mailto1 “”

Following the configuration in the FortiGate, it is needed to configure gmail account to allow connections from less secure applications, in this case the FGT.

Go to: Gmail -> My account -> connected applications and sites -> Access for less secure apps

Following this, it will be possible to send alert mails.

Test this with following command:

#diagnose log alertmail test